Veeta Street Light

Code Wattage Size mm Pipe Size Pack Qty
ILT 15C/Y 15 Watts 120x296x64 1.5 30
ILT 20C/Y 20 Watts 120x296x64 1.5 30
ILT 25C/Y 25 Watts 140x360x86 2 20
ILT 25C/Y 30 Watts 140x360x86 2 20
  • Color White(6500k)
  • Warm White(3000k)

Suffix “C/Y” for LED Colours

Input Voltage 110-280vac
Power Factor 0.9
Lumens/ Watt (LED Efficacy) >110
Color Rendering Index >80
LED Out(Lumens) 1650
Driver Efficiency >90%
Surge/ Spike protection 5Kva
THD <10
Flicker Index <0.5
Under/Over Voltage Protection yes
EMI -EMC Compliance yes
Ingress Protection (IP) IP65


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