New Vesta

New Rolex

Designed to meet recommended luminance and illuminance requirements forShops, Offices, Showrooms, Hotels, Conference Halls, Shopping Malls, Garden Pathways, Commercial Complexes, and Living Rooms etc. As the name suggests, this is really a “Multi-Purpose Light??? catering to our multi-purposeneeds.Make your business place bright with these Multi-Purpose Lights! Its excellent robust design and low power consumption makes it an ideal choiceto use in a wide range of places as mentioned above. They are also tested and certified for electrical shock proof, flame proof, and water proof. These multi-purpose lights can be used in indoor, outdoor, and in Gardens and at any place as you like. This is the Special Characteristic of this Multi-Purpose Light. Long-lasting Endurance Durable, be it Indoor, Outdoor, Multi-Purpose or Garden Lights….This is what the Life of LED Lights from Inventaa means!!! The letters may differ, but the meaning is same. The Quality Standards of Inventaa is always high and it goes without saying.

  • Ready to fit
  • Unbreakable
  • High Grade PC Diffuser
  • Rust & Water Proof
  • Heat Conductive Plastic Body
  • Extra Bright
  • Long Life LED
  • Inbuild LED Driver


Code: Description:
HQN32W LED New Vesta Clear/Black 10 Watts Multipurpose Light
HQN32 LED New Vesta Clear/White 10 Watts Multipurpose Light
HQN32B LED New Vesta Clear/Blue 10 Watts Multipurpose Light
HQN32R LED New Vesta Clear/Red 10 Watts Multipurpose Light


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